Hello There

So I’ve written at least 3 of these “About” drafts while trying to figure out what it is I want this blog to be about. The first one was very long and detailed, the second one….I think I was distracted half way through and the third one…I don’t think I made it past the first sentence. I get distracted very easily. Maybe too easily. Hence, why I was wary about even starting this blog to begin with. In a nutshell, this blog is similar to my songs (using this loosely, I only own my lyrics, not the beats). Why do I need to make them? What’s the point? The point-okay well yes, I do like to show off things that I’m proud of doing, but more than that. The point….maybe to help me stay on track. Why make this a blog instead of a private journal? In case anyone has similar feelings to mine and wants to know that they’re not alone. I feel like comfort is one of the great gifts that we can share. So, the purpose of this blog? A place for my thoughts, funny comics/gifs (eventually, struggling with basics here, ha), and favorite songs so that I don’t lose myself in a world that seems to want anything other than what I offer. Let’s say that this is my taxing site. Hence the title Unleashed. Maybe when I truly fly, I’ll change the name of the blog. Ha ha, let’s see.


**Grammar: Since this is for me, and personally I don’t check the grammar of my thoughts like a hawk, it’ll probably be all over the place. Some entries will probably have better grammar than others. As long as my thoughts are clear, don’t mind my abundance of commas. Plus, the Grammar Police in me will probably charge out and edit past posts

**I just realized that in my head “unleashed” meant having yet to unleash. So. Yeah, I have yet to unleash whatever it is that I need to unleash of myself. So….not sure if it makes the blog name ironic now, ha. Probably should have named this “leashed” instead…but then I think about dogs…dogs are adorable and all but this blog isn’t about dogs in any way

*** J.A.S.W.L.M = “just a soul who loves music”


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