I let fear…

…convince me to not partake things.

Convince me to not climb higher.

Convince me to be quieter.

Convince me that I’m never good enough.

By the way, this isn’t a compliant. Sometimes I feel that the things I say are interpreted more as complaints when it’s really just my quirky way of saying a self-awareness thought out loud in order to evoke a sense of accountability.

I have to be accountable for my crafts, my…”talents” or else all of these gifts are just going to waste away, because I’m too concerned about….about…about what exactly? I’m not even sure myself. I know one of the concerns has to do with comparisons, the infamous archenemy of my confidence, but other than that…when I think about it I forget what it is that I’m so worried about. No-not forget, I loose track of what I was focusing on that felt like such a looming obstacle. Isn’t that weird?