We can be afraid…

…to be our truest selves.

Less than that, sometimes we’re afraid to simply be more true to who we are. We’re worried that we’ll be shamed for drifting away from the image that’s been crafted around us. We’re worried that we’ll be told whatever we’re doing isn’t “us,” even though it’s always been us and, we’ve just never revealed it. Sometimes, we even worry that we’ll do a poor job of being ourselves. Regardless of how egregious that sounds, these worries sprout. Constantly watered by our perceptions and the perceptions surrounding us, it starts to grow tall and strong until it gets to a point that we struggle to see anything else.

I struggle to see anything else.

I have to force myself to remember to throw more seeds, to give more water, because whatever I consciously or subconsciously keep tending to is what continues to grow.  Am I growing poisonous plants that have a captivating and addictive beauty or am I growing a variety of plants that benefit me in any way?

Both. I’m growing both.

But that has to stop. I don’t want the poisonous plants to endanger the plants that have been supporting me this whole while.