There’s this idea…

…that we need to be the best. But I don’t want to be the best.

But that doesn’t mean the same thing as being a slacker, as being the worst, or as being indifferent. Although I am indifferent to the need to be the best, but that doesn’t mean I’m indifferent to understanding that expertise can be required. I do want to be successful, but not for the purpose of being the best at something. I don’t need to compete with anyone, I’m already working overtime competing with my past self and my present thoughts. I want to be successful at something I love-or rather, because I love doing whatever it is, I want to be successful at it.

To me

being successful isn’t about money or recognition. It isn’t about a number of followers or haters. It’s about doing well, doing well in what I enjoy doing, but more importantly, doing well knowing that every moment is a learning moment. Success isn’t a destination, it isn’t a door I need to open. If anything, it’s another image pasted along an every evolving backdrop of relevant things in my life.

I am sure there are professions that require someone to be the best, but still I wonder. If it’s a need to be the best or to just be very skilled? We can’t all be the best at the same thing, that defeats the definition of the word, so why do so many people continue to encourage it while sprinkling narrow definitions of the word “success”?