You think..

…it’s hard to search??


The hard part isn’t the actual search. It’s what makes the search so hard. Because while I’m searching, while you’re searching, while we’re all searching over and over and over again, I have to remember that my self worth, my identity, and who I feel that I am is not tied down to a measly title, a lackluster human, contrived string of letters. I have to keep remembering this. I have to keep digging my confidence back up, because every time I turn my back, it plunges 6 feet under. I have to keep trying…I have to….keep trying to not feel so painfully small. Especially when I have no reason to feel small, because it’s just a self-imposed persepective that has been motivated and induced by the perceptions and misconceptions that surround me in this very moment and






*end rant*