I think…

…a lot clearly haha, but not the point. I think for the longest time, I always thought that part of myself was weird.

my attention to the nuisances of lyrics-I will sit there and dissect witty lyrics even if they’re not in English, I always search for english translations, I super care about the lyrics in any song

-my curiosity of the melodies and harmonies-I will sit there and try to detect how many voice overs there are, the pitch of the voice overs, if the layers are coming from the left and right ear or from both, what effect is on the voice overs, and I can ramble on and on…

my analysis of the instruments-Sometimes I look for instrumentals just to listen to what the synthetic and real instruments are doing, sometimes I fight the instruments so that I can sing what I want to, all the time I’m checking if the vocal arrangement is following the instruments or creating on top of them or doing both

While working on these songs, I don’t talk about the process much with anyone because 1) they’re quite personal and 2) I wouldn’t even know where to start. I don’t know how I would even explain my obsession? enthusiasm? with the song making process. Goodness, I just thought about when the time comes (and money haha) to learn how to make beats from scratch…I’ll reach a whole new level with my enthusiasm? obession? toward this craft.

After reading these two Bruno Mars articles (was trying to find his thoughts on 24K Magic and That’s What I Like) was when I realized I have found this part of myself weird. Not so much that I think I am the weird one but that it’s a weird thing for me to share if the people around me aren’t on the same weird wavelength…

….that barely made sense to me.

Anyway, the point is, after reading Bruno’s explanation of his song producing process and feelings during that time, I realized that it isn’t weird. Or maybe Bruno and I are both weird

…that is a thought.

There’s this thing about myself that I’ve noticed that only comes blindingly alive when I’m working on music, there’s this attention that I give that is so particular to the craft, and there are these euphoric feelings that I can’t reproduce from doing any other hobby. It’s so weird in its existence, and yet it’s so normal in my presence.

While proofreading this, I’m not sure any of this makes any actual sense outside of my mindset, and that right there is a great example of the weirdness/normalcy that I’m trying to speak of haha.