what do you want to be?

Who do you want to be? 

Who says that the “who” you dream of isn’t you? We can want to become a famous person, or a rich person, or a successful person, or even a happy person. We can even want to be a specific person. But that’s not who this “who” refers to. Perhaps the true question, the one that tangles around the roots of our soul is:

What type of human do you wish to become?

But that doesn’t sound right to me either. At least not outside of my head. Inside of my head, I understand exactly what I mean. I’m not classifying the complexities of the human race into bland simplified categories when I use the word “type.” I’m not making it seem as if it needs to be a wish to address in the future rather than the incoming “now.” But that’s a funny thing I realize about language; we shape it to how we think and it shapes us to how we think.

The chicken or the egg? Who knows?

What I do know is that there are words I wish did exist for the statements that I plan to say, so that I can just say them the first time without needing to quickly explain my perspective to avoid any misunderstandings.

Sometimes I consider making up my own dictionary.

Sometimes I just keep singing.