The world won’t change…

…therefore I have to? But I don’t like that reasoning. I don’t like that answer. So what if it sounds like a preference, I don’t like it at all. Pretty sure the world won’t change because people keep adjusting to it, keep conforming, keep trying to place ourselves into molds even though we were designed to be free from a mold. How do I know? This computer I’m typing on, this website I’m typing this on, the smartphone to the right of my hand, the water bottle the right of my computer, the glasses over my eyes allowing me to not hover over my computer screen, worldwide charities, airplanes, boats, trains, tools/machinery*, musical instruments, the drawers, my bed, the concept of closets , oh I could go on forever truly. If certain people decided to be the same, do as everyone else, wow, the amount of inventions we wouldn’t have today I cannot even fathom.

The world won’t change therefore I have to?

Screw that. Let it be uncomfortable, let it make me scream, let it make me angry. Because I have to. No-I need to. Not allow the world to change me. I only have a limited time on this earth anyway, so I might as well enjoy it, turbulence and all. Why?

Because I believe in the me that I’m becoming. 

*shout out to whoever designed the machine that makes tornado potatoes. I’m your #1 fan