The words that…

…I want to say….

are still ill-timed.

I thought

I got better at this. But-haha-it seems I’m still lacking. Still impatient. Words pushing at my lips or fingers, itching to escape, to be splashed onto this canvas, to bring more light onto the canvas…

But I forget that we don’t all have the same definition of “light” or of “truth.” Even if my truth seems so true…if you don’t see it in the same light…how will it be true for you then?

And at times I think “Dang it…I should have paid attention to that slight red flag I saw back there,” but then, I stay up that same night wondering if I should keep watching for the all the slight red flags or if i should just thread my way through and hope the people who care enough will simply bring the red flags to my attention.

I’ll look if you tell me to look. I’m already looking anyway, by the way. I’m always looking, but I’m not all seeing. I can’t possibly be.