I feel like…

…a creature of music most times. Whether I’m angry, happy, irritated, or hopeful, it’s like…I wrap myself in the beautiful chords and harmonies from my favorite playlists or from new songs I accidentally come across.

I don’t know how to accurately explain it, but since morning, I’ve just kept thinking about this thought, “I feel like a creature of music sometimes.” It’s as if I was made up of musical notes that were poured into a human body; therefore whenever I touch a piece of a music, it ends up feeling like an extension of myself. Wow, I just reread that last sentence and thought, “…I kind of sound high.” Haha. I guess that’s where it gets even more interesting. On the topic of recreational drugs-I know we never truly know the future, but regardless, I’m going to say that-I know that I’ll never do them. I already feel so elevated while simply listening to beautifully sung harmonies and guitar strings plucked so brilliantly. My feet are barely touching the ground when I’m grooving to baselines full of so much funk, I wonder how it doesn’t spill over. Oh-and songs that with those epic bass drops? Let’s just say my soul probably leaves my body for a bit to break out some moves that my human body would not be able to recreate haha.

Music is like…not like…no…music is my airplane, it’s my ticket, it’s my security point, it’s my luggage check-in, it’s even the airport entrance greeter. It’s in every nook and cranny of my life and I am always befuddled when I bump into someone who is “meh” toward music.

HOW? How can you be ‘meh’? How can you not like it? What?? Are you human??”

I jump around, shouting these questions.

But aloud, I just slap on an awkward smile and proceed to change the topic quickly. Objectively, I understand how many people won’t feel the same way that I feel about music and subjectively, I don’t understand at all. But objectively and subjectively (yay paradoxes!), at times

I really do feel

like a creature of music.