Replaying the whole…

…day in my head, and I really wish I hadn’t stumbled when she asked me that question. I really wish that I didn’t get slightly uncomfortable. I really wish I had just been firm in announcing my state of self-discovery. I’m . . . I’m honestly surprised that I wasn’t. I had been so firm in other similar situations in the past, but I don’t know why this one caught me so off guard.

Maybe because I suddenly remembered?

I remembered what the common perspective of post-graduation life was and I just…got…….stuck.

Trapped almost.

Tripped to be exact

and stumbling the whole way to try to keep myself up. I’ll be more sure in the future. I know that I can be. And I know that I’m no longer ashamed or feeling guilty of being on this journey. So here’s to more confident tomorrows! *holds up imaginary glass of juice because I hate alcohol*

P.S. I think I finally understand why Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. Her empathy, her compassion, her kindness, her strength in her morals and beliefs-just all of that. Man, she will probably always be my role model. It doesn’t matter that she’s a fictional character. After all, the fictional world is inspired by the real world anyway.

P.S.S. She’ssofreakingcoolIcan’tstandit!!