Sometimes I…

…eat a meal so delicious that it makes me wonder, “Is this love?”

I’m not exaggerating. And because of that, I also wonder if that is the reason why I’m single and will most likely be (happily) single for a long awhile. There is just something about delicious, well crafted food. By the way, I have no food expertise, I’m not a chef, and I’m not even a food snob. As long as the food is seasoned beautifully and I can taste that it came from an actual potato (I’m looking at you, frozen fries), I will fall in love with it.

A month ago, I fell in love with these chicken wings.* They were crispy, lightly seasoned-but consistently seasoned-and the chicken was so unimaginably tender. It was just falling off the bone and melting in my mouth. My taste buds were quickly celebrating each bite, while my mind was practically begging me to slow down to savor the moment. Before that experience, I had never understood how people could say chicken or steak melts in their mouth. It’s meat?? How can meat melt??

But then it did.

But then I understood.

This is love.

When I was a younger youngin, I used to think about becoming a chef. However, I quickly tossed those dreams away, because my dislike for structured things resulted in me never following recipes correctly.

Oh, one cup of milk? How about I just pour until it feels right?  

It doesn’t matter if I have measuring cups staring me down in disapproval either. Now, whenever I make anything, I always give the disclaimer that it will either taste really good or it will taste terrible; there is no in between. Perhaps that is why I fell in love with food. It’s something that I cannot do consistently well, and I’m easily awed by people who do things better than me. Also, in my eyes, it appears as a form of art. It’s a creation; crafted, sculpted, tweaked. Not always from scratch, unless you’re making some type of dessert or non-meat product, but you use existing edible things to introduce a different flavor or texture or both. You literally bring a new experience to the table.

And that is so freaking cool. 

So, to all the enthusiastic chefs out there, of big restaurants, small restaurants, medium-sized restaurants, of food stalls or food trucks, of small home kitchens or apartment kitchens, and of places that aren’t even considered a kitchen, I applaud all of you. Please keep pouring your love into what you make, because I can assure you, it is a feeling that truly transcends.


*If you’re in the Gwinnet Area and love chicken wings in simple flavors, check out: Baozi Asian Street Food