HBDD by Khalil Fong

“HBDD is a song dedicated to each and every one of societies unsung heroes who most of us never hear about. These are people in various positions and professions who, with a selfless attitude and spirit of service, contribute to the world in both the micro and macro. The man who keeps our streets clean. […]

“Tightrope” by Janelle Monáe

This song still continues to be my personal cheerleader to keep going when things are rough or doubtful. I can’t even remember what dreams I had that felt like they were always in danger during high school. But now I have something I’m protecting desperately, I “can’t allow it” to be taken away. “When you get […]

“Intern” by Okdal

“Be confident, clear, and clean” Since the lyrics came with the video, not entirely sure what the intended meaning is but…made me think of acne wash the first time I read it haha. I love this duo.